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Overcoming the Hesitation to Use an External Marketing Resource  

As an internal marketing professional, you’re well aware that you constantly juggle multiple priorities, are used to re-prioritizing practically daily and are a master of the pivot. From crafting PowerPoint presentations to setting up automated email campaigns, and fielding the ever-pressing inquiries from management, your daily agenda is nothing short of a whirlwind. In the face of such multifaceted responsibilities, the idea of bringing external marketing resources into the equation may naturally spark hesitation and concern. However, in this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of external marketing support, and how they can alleviate your workload and elevate your marketing career. 

External Resources: Filling the Gaps with Expertise 

The dynamic landscape of marketing is characterized by its ever-evolving challenges and the constant emergence of new tools, sales team needs and new initiatives. At times, it can feel overwhelming. When you’re under the weight of numerous high-priority projects, remember this: external marketing resources can step in as an ally and a collaborator, ready to fill the gaps with their specialized expertise. 

It’s crucial to recognize that external resources do not have the goal of overshadowing your role or replacing your unique contributions. Rather, they are your reinforcements, your partners in navigating the complex marketing in the alternative investments industry, and its often aggressive deadlines. At Marketing Intent, our team offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing everything from managing email campaigns to crafting persuasive PowerPoint presentations, writing report copy, and designing engaging websites. Whether you’re tackling a short-term, one-off project or a more extensive one, we partner with our clients to see it through to the finish line, applying our decades of experience in the alts industry and in managing marketing. 

By entrusting certain responsibilities to external experts, you can free up your valuable time to concentrate on what truly matters to you and your organization. In essence, external resources empower you to channel your energy where it’s needed most.  

Realizing the Limitations of “Doing It All” 

One of the profound revelations we made during our tenures in corporate marketing was the realization that no one person or team can do it all. The scope and complexity of alternative investments marketing are such that it lends itself to a collaborative approach, drawing upon the strengths and expertise of both internal and external resources. 

By embracing external marketing support, you not only set yourself up for greater success and recognition within your firm, but you also harness the power of collaboration. This isn’t a zero-sum game where external resources aim to take over your role. Instead, they serve as your trusted allies, supplementing your efforts and helping you navigate the intricate landscape of marketing alts.  

At Marketing Intent, we take immense pride in our collaborative approach. We understand that your internal knowledge and insights are invaluable assets to your organization. Our role as an external marketing resource is to enhance your capabilities, not replace them. 

Embracing external marketing resources isn’t about relinquishing control or fearing for your position. It’s about recognizing the tremendous power of collaboration and leveraging external expertise to amplify your marketing efforts, and help meet your firm’s marketing goals.  

At Marketing Intent, we’re committed to being an ally in the midst of what can seem like marketing chaos.

Our aim is to make your firm’s marketing more effective using our knowledge of the industry, your target markets, alts products and compliance requirements. If you’re ready to explore an external marketing resource to collaborate with you, reach out to us today. We’d love to hear what you’re working on and brainstorm how we can help. 


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