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Our Mission: To help alternative investment sponsors market their investment offerings in a way that helps their sales teams raise capital.

Our team is deeply experienced in a wide range of financial services, alternative investments, and commercial real estate offerings.

We understand your business because we understand the industry: we know how complicated your marketing needs can be. We bring our experience and expertise to your marketing so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Raising capital is at the heart of what you do. By offering a marketing approach that centers around your sales team, we offer you marketing that can help start the sales conversations that bring capital in the door.

Our Vision: Evolve alternative investment marketing through partnership, communication, and innovation.

Marketing Intent was founded because we realized that alternative investment marketing can do more and be more.

After spending more than a decade at a commercial real estate asset management firm in Denver, we realized that this industry needed marketing that does more: solid, innovative marketing from marketers who understand our industry’s products, target audiences, complexities, and compliance requirements.

Marketing Intent was shaped to meet this need. We understand the industry, the lingo, and the requirements. We strive to make an impact in the industry by helping our clients be successful, by sharing our knowledge widely, and by raising the standard for what alternative investment marketing can look like.

Data from Preqin shows that alternative assets under management have been growing steadily since 2010 and are likely to continue trending upward. This trend means an increase in alternative investment asset managers entering our industry, and an increase in the variety of alternative investment products. We want to support the industry during this period of growth, helping sales teams raise capital by holding standards for marketing high.

Our Core Values

We Are Building Strong Relationships

At its most effective, marketing is about relationships. It can go beyond catching attention to build genuine connections between your company and potential clients.

That’s why we strive to be authentic in everything that we do. Authenticity deepens client trust and shapes impactful marketing. By championing authenticity, we create strong relationships and powerful opportunities for collaboration. We bring our authentic approach to your marketing, allowing you to build trust with financial advisors and investors.

Because we value relationships, we strive for impeccable communication. When we are impeccable with our words — verbally and in writing — messages resonate, audiences connect, and stakeholders align. Communication allows our authenticity to shine. We respond to each other and to our clients quickly and clearly. We keep your marketing moving in a transparent, efficient way by communicating as effectively as possible.

We Are Dedicated to Your Success

Even as automation, AI, and other cutting-edge tech become a bigger part of our work, we believe that commitment makes a difference in our marketing. As a remote, client-centric agency, we rely on our dedicated team to get things done. We bring our A-game, push boundaries, surpass expectations, and stay fired up for our clients.

Collaboration makes our dedication to clients go farther. We understand that our collective intelligence and experience is the foundation for better marketing for our clients. As dedicated collaborators, we are generous with our expertise. We aim to forge lasting partnerships that elevate and redefine our role in the industry and the marketing we deliver.

We Are Problem Solvers

At Marketing Intent, a commitment to client success means staying focused on solutions. We understand the unpredictable — and sometimes tedious — nature of marketing. We stay solutions focused when things go right, and especially when they go wrong. We bring problems forward and face them head-on with thoughtful, proactive solutions, both within our team, and for our clients.

We strive to bring innovative, forward-looking, and effective marketing solutions to our clients. We stay at the forefront of marketing and industry innovations by asking why and how. As a team, we stay curious. Our ongoing pursuit of knowledge powers our approach, strategy, and marketing deliverables. We are always learning. We thrive on challenges and embrace change.

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