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Cherie Fournier

CEO & Founder

I began my career at 22 when I started an internship that led me down the path of an unassuming multi-decade marketing journey in financial services. At the time I knew little about financial services, but I learned quickly and grasped the importance of helping explain financial concepts to both advisors and investors.

I was fortunate to start out in a role that reported into sales, which helped me understand the positive impact of marketing and sales alignment. The mantra “nothing happens until something is sold” has been foundational to my marketing approach, ensuring marketing is a partner to sales – not a competing force.


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After more than two decades in financial services marketing in the corporate world, I decided to take some time off to decide where I wanted to head next in my career. During that time, I explored other industries and types of work, but I found my heart was in marketing and in financial services. And I knew there’d be a place for me since the industry lacks marketers who “get it.”

In early 2020, after many conversations with my dad, who was also a small business owner, I started Marketing Intent to provide the financial services industry with the marketing resource I longed for in my corporate life. A firm that understands the industry, the lingo, the requirements. A firm that can balance the analytical with the creative. A firm that helps its clients produce and distribute marketing that generates sales activity.

I’ll probably never seal a deal in a bar on the back of a napkin – after a near fight – like my dad did in his commercial HVAC business. But Marketing Intent has experienced significant growth in a short time, underscoring the need for our expertise and the value we deliver.

We strive to be a client-centric, collaborative, thoughtful, and responsive partner to our clients. My passion is to help firms see the potential of marketing and how it can help sales. I’m inspired to create positive and lasting relationships that deliver results. Marketing with intent…not just because you should.

My dad, my friend, my mentor, and one of my most vocal supporters and advisors passed away in April 2021. He was 37 when he started his business with five daughters at home and a sixth one on the way. Twenty years later, he sold his business and retired early. I am proud he got to see the beginnings of Marketing Intent and “talk shop” with me as I laid the foundation for my company. This one is for you, Dad.

The Marketing Intent name and logo are a melding of my approach to marketing – intentional marketing, done with a specific purpose in mind – and my love of the outdoors with the logo resembling a tent camping icon. I’m a Colorado native and love spending time outdoors skiing, hiking, backpacking, camping, and paddleboarding. I’m also passionate about volunteering to help people with developmental disabilities find more meaningful and inclusive lives.

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My fun companion (John), nine nieces and nephews, five sisters (and significant others), my mom.


Pixie, my mix dog I adopted from the Colorado Cell Dog program.


I’ve earned the nickname of “little Chuck” - after my dad. Like him, I have an extensive tool collection and a knack for fixing most things at my house myself.


The mountains or the ocean


I can't pick just one!


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Guilty Pleasure

Watching Schitt’s Creek or The Voice


Bachelor’s in Writing, University of Colorado
Master’s in Communications, University of Denver

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