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Alise Lucero

VP, Client Success

In 2007, as I was beginning my professional career, I focused on the advice my parents gave me – it isn’t always about what you know, it’s also about who you know. Life takes a village and developing the relationships to keep people in your corner will always prove to be a valuable asset. Luckily, I had surrounded myself with people who were invested in me and my success. Starting on my journey of finding my first career job, a dear friend set me up with a recruiter who had a position available at a firm that many young professionals were trying to get into. I landed the job. That one introduction jump-started my career and steered me onto a path in marketing that was meant for me. In my role as a marketing assistant at Dividend Capital, I was immediately acclimated to the truth that marketing and sales work together towards one goal – to help the firm succeed.


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I was fortunate to have joined a team with leaders who exemplified what it means to succeed. One of those leaders was Cherie Fournier. During my tenure at Dividend Capital, I learned an incredible amount from her, not only professionally but personally as well. One of the greatest lessons she passed along was to always think bigger. Roadblocks are an inevitable part of our journey, but what makes us successful is our ability to ask questions and figure out how to navigate those roadblocks.

While life took a couple unplanned turns along the way – and our work paths diverged, I always said if I ever had the chance to work for Cherie again I would. As luck would have it, the chance came. I was looking to make a career move and Cherie’s hard work was paying off – Marketing Intent was growing – so I joined Cherie in October 2021 to help financial services clients overcome roadblocks, sync sales and marketing, and help their firms grow.

My daily drive comes from the opportunities presented to us. I feel giddy when we help a client overcome a problem or accelerate sales. I thrive on helping others shine. Marketing is a service-oriented role and at Marketing Intent we are client-centric, collaborative, thoughtful and responsive to our partner clients. We help clients advance their marketing with intent.

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Armando (husband), Collins (daughter), Hank & Duke (chihuahuas).


Own acreage in the future and a couple horses (and possibly other animals that my husband isn’t aware of yet).


As a kid, I was supposed to take over and run my grandpa’s ranch when I became an adult.


Anywhere with a beautiful sunrise and crisp, fresh air.


Drive; Where the Crawdads Sing


My Favorite Murder

Guilty Pleasure

Reality TV and raw pie crust at the holidays


BS in Marketing and International Business, University of Colorado - Denver

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