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Beyond Thought Leadership: Differentiating Your Firm with Practice Management 

In the world of alternative investments, establishing your firm as a thought leader is undoubtedly valuable. Thought leadership helps you build credibility and trust among potential investors and advisors. However, in an environment saturated with asset managers and funds, is thought leadership alone enough to set your firm apart? In this article, we’ll explore additional strategies that can help differentiate your firm through the use of practice management content. 

What is Practice Management Content? 

One of the emerging trends in the alternative investment industry is the use of practice management tools as a means of differentiation. It’s essential to have a unique hook that captures the attention of potential advisors. Practice management (also called value-add) content can serve as that hook. This content goes beyond traditional thought leadership and provides additional touchpoints to engage your audience. 

The purpose of practice management content is to offer practical insights and tools that provide value to financial advisors to improve their practice, gain clients and enhance client relationships. 

For example, alts sponsors could develop resources that guide advisors on building trust with clients, handling relationships between couples, and expanding the services they offer. By providing practical and actionable tools, you not only demonstrate your expertise but also offer a tangible benefit to advisors that isn’t related to the product you offer. 

Forms of Practice Management Content 

Practice management content can take various forms, such as webinars, whitepapers, flyers, interactive tools, or courses. These materials offer real value to financial advisors and keep them engaged with your firm. They can serve as an introduction to your brand and create positive associations that go beyond your firm’s investment offerings, helping your sales team build trust and rapport.  


Another plus about practice management content is that when you provide tools and resources that genuinely assist advisors in their practice, you create a sense of reciprocity. Advisors appreciate the value you provide, and this makes them more receptive to conversations about your firm and investment offerings. 

Let’s Get Your Practice Management Content Rolling 

While thought leadership remains a crucial component of your marketing strategy, it’s no longer enough to differentiate your alternative investment firm effectively. Practice management tools and value-added content offer additional touchpoints to engage with potential clients and advisors, building stronger relationships and increasing your firm’s appeal. You may see firms with entire practice management libraries or courses. Don’t be intimidated by them. You can start small, selecting topics and approaches that will resonate with advisors. 

If you’re curious about incorporating practice management content into your marketing suite, reach out to Marketing Intent. We can craft unique and compelling content that helps differentiate your firm and builds strong relationships in the competitive world of alternative investments. Contact us today


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