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Marketing Intent FAQs

Our experience spans across a wide range of alternative investment product structures, including REITs, BDCs, 1031, 1033, 721 exchanges, DSTs, 506(b)s, 506(c)s, preferred stock offerings, qualified opportunity zones, and EB-5.

Our marketing expertise covers a broad spectrum of asset classes. Whether it’s industrial, hotels, farmland, or medical offices – we’ve marketed them. We also have experience marketing self-storage units, single-family rentals, senior housing, solar farms, and retail spaces, along with triple net lease properties, development projects, investment tax credits, multifamily buildings, student housing, and land entitlements. Have an asset class in mind? We’re likely to have experience in it. And if we don’t, we’ll learn it.

Whether it’s crafting compelling copywriting, designing visually striking materials, launching funds, creating engaging offering materials, establishing brand identities, developing informative websites, running targeted email campaigns, producing thought leadership content, comprehensive reports, insightful white papers, dynamic LinkedIn campaigns, eye-catching company brochures, orchestrating conference marketing, hosting due diligence events, or producing captivating videos – we’ve done it all. Our goal? To ensure your message reaches and resonates with advisors and investors to bring capital in the door.

Absolutely! We’re well-versed in both writing and design. If you’ve got in-house talent covering one aspect, we’re flexible and happy to focus on just the area where you need us most.

We’re all for taking a project from A to Z, but we also get the value of using your internal resources – or other marketing firms – efficiently. So, whether you need us to handle an entire project or just one aspect of it, we’re on board to assist with whatever you need.

Not at all. Our approach is as unique as our clients themselves. Depending on your needs, we can be your go-to for writing and design, manage your quarterly material updates, or even act as your outsourced capital markets marketing crew. We tailor our engagement to fit what you’re looking for.

Nope. We recognize there are industry standards, like fact sheets and offering brochures, but our approach is always personalized. We craft a unique messaging foundation for each client and ensure the materials not only look high-quality but also highlight what sets you apart.

Yes, in addition to developing email strategies, writing and designing emails, we can send them out too. We’re experienced with various platforms like Pardot, HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp, and we’re savvy about integrating emails with CRM systems to give your sales team valuable insights.

With decades of experience in the alts industry, we understand that speed is essential, and we strive to deliver promptly without compromising on quality. The timeline for each project varies based on several factors, including how quickly we receive feedback and necessary approvals from you. We’ll outline a schedule once we know the details.

Yes, we create PowerPoint presentations for a variety of purposes, including pitch books, webinars, and conferences.

We sure do. Websites are critical for branding and building trust, and we’re involved every step of the way — from strategy and content to design and development. We also work with hosting firms to ensure your site is secure and running smoothly.

While we design websites to be easy for you to update, we understand you might need ongoing support. We’re here to help keep your site fresh, and our hosting partners make sure everything stays up-to-date and secure.

We likely are. Our team has hands-on experience with a range of platforms, including Salesforce, Pardot, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and more. If you’re using a platform that’s new to us, we’re eager to learn.

Yes, our focus is mainly on LinkedIn, but we’re also familiar with platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We develop social media strategies appropriate for the alts industry, develop content and graphics, and get your content posted.

Our clients range from newcomers in the alternative investments space to well-established firms. You can learn more about our diverse client base via the carousel at the bottom of our site, and by reading our case studies.

Our core team consists of three members, but we also have a trusted network of freelance marketing professionals we collaborate with to meet our clients’ needs. We continuously find and vet new team members so we can scale as our client base and their marketing needs grow.

We understand that cost is an important consideration when choosing a marketing partner. While we may not be the least expensive option available, we offer our clients significant value. Our pricing reflects the depth of our experience and the specialized knowledge we bring to the field of alternative investments.

Our team is equipped with the expertise necessary to navigate the complexities and nuances of marketing alternative investments. This includes a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, sophisticated investment structures, and the unique investor and advisor profiles that are characteristic of the alts industry. We focus on delivering strategies that are not only compliant but also innovative and tailored to attract the right target audiences.

Investing in our services means gaining a partner who is committed to enhancing your visibility and credibility in the market. Our proven track record and commitment to excellence translate into tangible results, from expanding your advisor and investor base to optimizing engagement and supporting your sales team’s capital-raising efforts.

We are happy to discuss your specific needs and how we can tailor our services to achieve your goals. Let’s chat about what you’re looking for.

Our firm is deeply rooted in the marketing of alternative investments. This isn’t just our job. It’s our passion, honed over decades. We’re intimately familiar with the hurdles you face in raising capital and the nuances that make a difference in standing out from the crowd. Our approach is designed to empower your sales team, enabling them to connect effectively with advisors and secure investments.

We strike a balance between the analytical and the creative, crafting content that clears compliance with minimal comments. Our design expertise not only elevates your firm’s profile but also simplifies the complex, ensuring advisors and investors understand who you are and the value you offer.

Every action we take is intentional, aimed at fostering trust, enhancing visibility, and opening doors to capital for your firm.

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