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Maximize Your LinkedIn Potential

What’s one of the first things people do when they meet you or see one of your posts on LinkedIn? They check out your LinkedIn profile.

Plan to use LinkedIn to its maximum potential to show your credibility and gain trust with prospects and clients.  

LinkedIn Newsletter 

A great way to do that is through the LinkedIn newsletter, which is a newer feature. It allows you to publish an article each week. And by doing that, you can stay in front of your prospects in a really easy way.  

First, think about what to talk to your prospects about. What’s a short and compelling topic? It doesn’t have to be a long white paper length piece of content. Next, think about your target audience and what they’re interested in learning about from you, what their pain points are or new information that might benefit them. 

Setting up Your Newsletter 

To set up your newsletter on LinkedIn, go to the same place you want to make a post.

  • Click on this prompt and there will be a section that says, “write article”.
  • Once you click on this function, if you have creator mode, you’ll have the option to create a newsletter.
  • A nice function with LinkedIn is when you create that first newsletter article, it sends a notification to all your first level contacts in LinkedIn and sends them an email to notify them you now have a newsletter and invite them to subscribe.
  • This is a great way to engage with every contact. Subscribers will be notified every time you publish a newsletter article. We suggest publishing a newsletter once a week.  

Using a Newsletter to Your Advantage 

How are we using the LinkedIn newsletter article? When we do the videos you see on LinkedIn, we’re turning them into our LinkedIn newsletter articles as well. It’s a great way to multipurpose content and use the LinkedIn newsletter articles to stay in front of your prospects.  

If you need help creating a LinkedIn newsletter article or want to explore it further, give us a call. 

Social Media

Embracing Social Media

Social media can be daunting. It might be one of those tasks that sits on the bottom of the list because you have a hard time embracing it.

In this post, I’ll share three ways to help you learn to love social media and ultimately help you with your career.

Plan and Create

Let’s go over how to plan and create your content time block. Sit down, block out a couple hours, a half hour, or whatever works best for you, but sit down and take a moment to plan.

  • What’s the content you want to put out there?
  • Are there special messages you’d like to share at certain times throughout the year?
  • What are the key points you want to put out?

You don’t necessarily have to put it all together at once, but if you time block your calendar, you’re going to make sure it gets done. Then you’ll start making progress towards what you’re trying to complete, which is to get your social media plan moving.

Reuse Your Content

The second social media best practice I’m going to discuss is reusing content. There’s so much content out there that asset managers have- reports, fact sheets, emails – dig into that content and reuse it.

Take simple topics out of a report and repurpose them as graphics. You can break that up and have multiple videos, or you can have multiple posts. You’ll really be amazed if you sit down and look at the content you already have available for social, how far you can take it – and that you’re not having to reinvent the wheel.

Find the Right Software

The third best social media practice is to find a software that you like. You’ve planned out your content, you have it written out because you’re reusing some existing content, and now you need to find a software that will upload your post automatically at the time you want it to publish.

The right software can make it appear that you’re participating day to day, showing up in your client’s and prospect’s feeds by using the scheduling function. This will put your social media plan into action, so you have the full package out there. With the right approach and tools, it’s no longer daunting, and you’re making yourself and your firm present out in the world.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your social media plan, contact Marketing Intent today.

Social Media

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

You may have noticed that we at Marketing Intent have been using LinkedIn a lot more to stay in front of our target audiences, as well as our clients. LinkedIn can be a really powerful connection tool.

How do you optimize your LinkedIn profile to connect with both your prospects and your clients?  

Use the Tagline

There’s an area underneath the name on your LinkedIn profile, and a lot of people use that for their job title, but we think there might be better ways to use that real estate.

One great thing you can use is a tagline. It can be a tagline on what your company does but stay away from any jargon or messaging that may be confusing. It should be quick and to the point. It’s a great way to advertise exactly who you are. And a tagline can allude to your title and what you do, so you don’t need to have a title featured.

There is another place, as well, that a lot of people don’t use and that’s the banner. You can do the same thing there and include your tagline or feature another point about what your firm does or what you focus on.

Include Your Target Audience

We suggest making sure you include your target audience in the two areas outlined above and highlight who they are. For example, “We help single women better prepare for retirement.” That way prospects clearly understand who you serve.

Something we want to point out is that it is okay to be repetitive, because we all know that everyone skims. The key is ensuring your target audience is highlighted – it will quickly grab their attention.

Building Trust

How can advisors help build trust with prospects and clients on their LinkedIn profile? Trust is huge, especially for advisors. There is so much going on these days and during rapidly changing market conditions, building trust is very valuable. We think it serves advisors further than most people realize.

One thing you can do to earn trust is to feature content you create. Don’t just repost other people’s content. Feature content you create. It shows your personality, how you communicate and who you are.

It also gives people a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you because they can see your perspective and what you’re trying to get across to your audience.

If you need help optimizing your LinkedIn profile and making sure that it speaks to your target audience, reach out to Marketing Intent, we’d be happy to help you.