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Your Success is Our Success

What does client success look like for us here at Marketing Intent?

Our philosophy is “Your Success Is Our Success.”

We start off by setting expectations and then delivering on those expectations, which in turn results in a meaningful experience for the client and building trust. We can then develop long-term relationships.

We Make Sure You Reach Your Goals

We make sure that our clients’ success is aligned with their goals, and we make sure they’re reaching those goals. A big part of that is communication and planning. While communication in or work lives is common, we have a keen focus on ensuring high-quality communication and strategy planning.

Communication = Success

We lay out when we are going to communicate, our plan for a client’s projects and the deliverables – and then we make sure we meet those deliverables. We also strive to go above and beyond those deliverables. If we can add value to a project or take it a step further to help clients reach their goals, we will.

But first and foremost, we make sure we provide the deliverables promised. We communicate and keep the client apprised of everything going on. There’s never a question in their mind of where their projects are.

What Can You Do?

Here are a few things that a client can do, either working with us or other marketing firms, to be successful on their end.

Don’t stop being curious. We’re in an ever-evolving industry and since the pandemic it’s even evolved quicker, so stay on top of what is going on and what is available out there. Doing research on how to solve some problems or get around roadblocks is going to help people advance and be leaders in the industry.

If you would like help with your marketing and you want us to help guide you along the way to reaching your goals, we’d be happy to help. Reach out to us today and let’s have a conversation.

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Three Ways to Improve Your Marketing Execution

When most people think of marketing, they think of the creativity that goes into copywriting design and web development. But we all know without a solid strategy for execution, that creativity doesn’t go very far.

In this article, we’ll discuss three ways to improve your marketing execution through project management, technology know-how, and procedures.

Project Management

Let’s start with project management. Most marketing projects are more in depth than they might seem on the surface, with many moving parts. At Marketing Intent, we use Trello to manage our projects as well as our clients’ projects. Trello is a simple and versatile project management software that we use for anything from managing an event to launching a fund. Trello allows us to keep all project details and deadlines in one place so we can keep tabs on how deliverables are moving forward. There are many choices in project management software today. Pick one that is simple, fits your needs – and most importantly – that you will use consistently.

Technology Know-How

A software tool is only as good as how you use it. So, it’s important to have somebody on your marketing team who is comfortable with technology – and not just on the project management side of the equation. In today’s world of digital marketing, marketers are using numerous types of technologies to do their jobs. Sometimes 10 or 12 different programs. It’s important to have somebody who is comfortable and willing to learn and maximize these technologies.

But keep in mind that you don’t have to use every available function of a technology. The goal is to use technology to increase your efficiency. Not to get overwhelmed by its features or go so far into functionality that you take time away from core marketing tasks, or the technology becomes so complicated that you don’t use it.


That takes us to our next point. And this one may be foreign to many people thinking about marketing. Procedures. I like to think of procedures as being kind to my future self.

Oftentimes in marketing, there are projects that need to be done once a month or quarter. Instead of trying to remember what you did last time or re-learning the process every time you’re working on that project, take time to create procedures for the project. Next time you do that project, refer to your document and you’ll save time and brain power…and your future self will thank you!

To recap, we’ve talked about improving your marketing efficiencies with project management, the use of technology and procedures. These are strategies we use every day at Marketing Intent to manage our own projects, as well as our clients.

At Marketing Intent, we implement smart technology, project management platforms and helpful procedures to assist clients with their marketing initiatives.

If you’d like help becoming more efficient in your marketing, reach out to us, we’d be glad to help.

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Nurturing a Prospect into a Client

Wouldn’t it be great if the prospecting process was a one and done deal? You talked to one person and got one sale? And you didn’t need to do anything beyond that first conversation? We all know in the sales and marketing world, that’s just not the case.

In this article, we’re going to cover three ways you can nurture a prospect into a client by humanizing yourself, sharing your perspective and offering a free resource.

Humanizing Yourself

Let’s start with humanizing yourself. We all want to work with people – not firms.

Whether a prospect comes to you in person or on your website, make sure they know who you are as a person. How do you do this? Through video. Video is critical to your marketing strategy. And we aren’t talking about high-production value videos. You can record yourself on your computer or have someone assist you at a reasonable cost.

Once you produce your videos, where do you use them? Your website is a great place to use video to showcase who you are. Share your videos on social media so people get a quick sense for who you are. You can even use video in email to reinforce what you’ve talked about with a prospect or thank them for meeting with you.

Share Your Perspective

When a prospect isn’t quite ready to make a decision, a key way to tip them over the edge to becoming a client is to share your perspective. While this also falls into the humanize yourself category, it gives prospects insights into how you think and allows them to understand if your thoughts and beliefs align with theirs.

A blog on your website is a great way to do this. And don’t forget to invite prospects to subscribe to your blog so your thoughts on various financial planning topics automatically pop into their email inbox.

Offer a Free Resource

Another value add you can give to prospects to help them become clients is a tool on your website. This can either be a questionnaire to help them understand something like their risk tolerance, or it can be a checklist that helps them through the considerations behind a major financial decision.

We’ve covered ways to shift a prospect into client status. The ways to do this are by humanizing yourself, sharing your perspective and providing a value-add tool.

Need Help Moving Prospects to Clients?

If you need help taking your prospects to clients, contact Marketing Intent. We’d be happy to help.