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Sharp Shooters Still Need to Nurture 

In the alternative investments industry, we hear asset managers or managing broker dealers say: “We’re sharp shooters with a niche audience, so do we really need emails?” The answer is a resounding YES. Even if your investment firm is targeting a select group of financial advisors, staying in constant touch and nurturing these relationships is critical. Here’s a closer look at why even the best sharpshooters can’t sidestep the power of nurturing through email marketing. 

Niches Need Nurturing 

There’s a misconception that targeting a niche automatically negates the need for consistent marketing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While sharp shooting may imply a hyper-focused approach, it does not mean that relationships are already built and that existing relationships don’t need ongoing nurturing. That’s where emails come in – it’s a low-cost and effective way to stay in front of advisors and provide them with educational content, thought leadership and investment offering updates. 

Customization: The Cornerstone of Relationships 

You might be delivering facts via your offering materials, but at the heart of every capital raising transaction is a human relationship. Contrary to the notion that niche targeting doesn’t require personalization, studies showcase that a staggering 70% of consumers are more inclined to engage with brands that provide customized communication and nurture relationships. In a world where digital interactions are the norm, you can bring in the human element to stand out and create touchpoints that are personalized and tailored, making your brand resonate with advisors. 

The Importance of Being Persistent 

In the world of alternative investments, patience is more than a virtue; it’s a necessity. It’s not uncommon for a span of 18 months to elapse from the first contact with an advisor to the time they commit to raising capital. Here’s the catch: during this extended timeframe, if your firm is out of sight, you’re inevitably out of mind. A sporadic phone call here and there won’t cut it. With emails, you have the opportunity to regularly provide value, updates and insights creating a foundation for a capital raising relationship. 

It’s Not About Quantity, But Quality 

Perhaps you’re thinking, “We have a small audience; we don’t need to bombard them with emails.” The essence of effective email marketing, especially for niche targets, isn’t about overwhelming them with volume. It’s about delivering high-quality, relevant and timely content that reinforces the relationship. Whether you’re sending out monthly newsletters, weekly insights, or even quarterly updates, the goal is to maintain a consistent and valuable presence in the advisor’s inbox. 

Need Help with Your Nurture? 

Dismissing the power of nurturing is not just a missed opportunity, it’s a strategic oversight. As specialists in alternative investment marketing, we can’t stress enough the importance of consistent, customized, and high-quality nurturing regardless of the size of your target audience. If you would like help keeping your relationships nurtured while remaining a sharp shooter, reach out to us


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