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Assembling the Right Marketing Team 

The success of a marketing campaign often hinges on the expertise and skill set of the team behind it. Especially in the alternative investments industry, assembling the right team becomes not just beneficial but essential. However, navigating the nuances and intricacies of doing this is a challenge that every marketer, including myself, has grappled with over the years. 

Finding the Right Blend of Creativity and Analytical Skills 

In the world of alternative investments, it’s not just about promoting a product. It’s about understanding the intricacies, the audience’s mindset, and presenting information in an easily digestible manner. Given today’s fleeting attention spans, the task becomes even more challenging. Your marketing team must be both creative and analytical. They need to understand complex product structures and investment philosophies, anticipate sales objections and address potential questions. The aim? To simplify complex offerings, making them comprehensible and attractive to advisors. 

Patience in Compliance-Centric Marketing 

Another key trait for marketers in this domain is patience. With a slew of compliance requirements, it’s imperative to ensure every campaign is both compelling and compliant. Instead of clashing with compliance, embrace it. Understand the stipulations and creatively craft your message within those bounds. Shortcuts or non-compliant methods will not only jeopardize your reputation but also diminish the integrity of your brand. 

Elevate Your Design and Content 

In a saturated market, your materials need to stand out. Too often, asset managers overlook the aesthetic appeal and usability of their content, resulting in crowded fact sheets or reports that are not easy to read. Your materials are a reflection of your brand. Low-quality materials give a low-quality impression of your firm. Check your brand vs. your competitors. Set your materials side by side with that of competitors. If your materials look hard to read, are designed poorly or don’t call out your competitive advantages, you risk being perceived as a lower-quality firm in the eyes of advisors. And remember, even if you’re a small firm, your competitors are also large firms with strong brands. 

Seeking External Expertise? We’re Here to Help 

Building a marketing team doesn’t necessarily mean hiring in-house for every role. Sometimes, external partners, like Marketing Intent, can offer specialized expertise to bridge the gaps in your team. If you’re considering an evaluation of your current team or are looking to integrate external expertise, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more


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