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One Size Fits All Fits No One 

Have you ever tried on a “one size fits all” t-shirt and realized that it doesn’t fit well at all? It’s oversized, awkward, and far from flattering. The truth is, the concept of “one size fits all” rarely works, and this applies to marketing in the world of alternative investments as well. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of tailoring your marketing strategies to specific advisor audiences and how Marketing Intent can help you achieve effective results. 

When You’re Talking to Everybody, You’re Talking to Nobody 

Marketing to a diverse group of advisors requires a strategic approach. Simply relying on a single marketing message and hoping it will resonate with everyone is a mistake. The saying, “When you’re trying to talk to everybody, you’re talking to nobody,” holds true in the alts industry. To truly engage advisors, you need to identify which content themes advisors are attracted to and create tailored content accordingly. 

Making Small Tweaks to Create Effective Results 

Advisors have various personalities and preferences. Some prefer concise, fact-based information, while others want to dive deep into your asset class with detailed reports or whitepapers. Some may prefer educational content delivered via email. Others may prefer to view short snippets on social media. To reach a wide range of advisors effectively, it’s essential to diversify your content lengths and types. 

Repurpose & Refine Content 

Creating content for different platforms and content types may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to refine and repurpose your existing content effectively. Instead of reinventing the wheel for each platform, make small tweaks to adapt your messaging. This approach saves time and resources while ensuring that you engage advisors in the way they prefer. 

Recently, we worked on a campaign for a client that required information about their offering and product structure. After developing the foundational pieces, we quickly translated them into short reports, PowerPoint presentations, and emails. This allowed us to engage advisors across the spectrum of their preferred communication styles and offered variability in messaging. 

If you need help tailoring your messaging and better engaging advisors, contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate to achieve your marketing goals. 


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