Adding Value to Your Webinars 

Webinars – are they all about you? They shouldn’t be. At least that’s what we have heard from advisors. Read on to learn what advisors want to know about your firm.  

Non-Product Related Content 

Obviously you want to use webinars to talk about your fund and your company, but you should also be providing some value to the people who attend. Think value-add content that helps build trust. This approach will help advisors associate your name with educational content they need to serve their clients better. And they will be more likely to take your sales calls because you’ve already delivered something of value to them. 

What are some of the topics advisors want to hear about? Right now, economic webinars and perspective on the market, dynamics and outlooks are powerful. We’re all trying to make sense of it and it helps advisors to have a broad range of information. Advisors also love webinars that help them develop professionally and meet their CE requirements. Does your firm have subject-matter experts in certain areas that may benefit an advisor’s practice or that you can register for continuing ed credit to help advisors meet their requirements? If so, get a webinar with this content on the books and be sure you’re clear when you market exactly what’s in it for advisors.  

Access to Your Management Team

Another key for advisors? Access to your management team. Advisors want to know who is behind your investments, what their experience is and they want to hear directly from them. Featuring members of your management team on a webinar is an easy way to get them in front of advisors. Do a Q&A with them so advisors get to interact and hear them speak “off the cuff.” Plus, your management team doesn’t have to fly anywhere to attend a meeting, so you’re not worrying about booking days on their calendar, you just have to book a couple hours.

There are many creative ways to engage advisors on your webinars, provide value and in turn build trust for your brand and your company.

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On-Demand Webinars

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of on-demand webinars? It’s likely that you think of a replay distributed by email. On-demand webinars are replays, but they can be a lot more than this.

The process to create a webinar is also extensive. You’re scheduling time with executives, developing and completing presentations, routing through compliance, scheduling invites and developing a follow up plan.

With all this work, why not elevate your final product for more than one webinar?

Maximize Your Webinar

The first thing to do when you’re thinking about a webinar is identify the topics. What do people want? What are you hearing in the field that advisors want to hear more about? Is it always about your product? Is it educational? Is it both?

Do they want a webinar series? Can you split one large webinar into three small webinars to make your content go further? And take a deep dive into what you’re doing? Maximize it since you put all that effort into creating the webinar and getting speakers lined up.

Develop Strong Visuals

When people are attending webinars, they want to be intrigued. You have to keep their attention. So, if you have a presentation up and it’s a bunch of words, everybody’s likely tuning out and nobody’s listening. They may read the words, but they may not. And they are likely doing something else as well while attending your webinar. You have to grab their attention with strong visuals, video and easy-to-understand wording.

Using Technology to Your Advantage

Finally, be sure you’re ready to use technology to your advantage to create your on-demand webinar. There are platforms where you can upload a webinar recording. You can then set a schedule, so it gives off the perception that it is a live webinar. You can send out an invitation with simple wording like, “Please sign up for our webinar. It’s next Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.” 

What your audience doesn’t know is that it’s every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m., and it looks like advisors have easy access to your management team.

You’re able to see if advisors register and if they attend. You can automate your follow up procedures and your sales team has a reason for a follow-up call with the advisor.

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