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5 Ways to Improve CTAs

Have your eyes ever failed you? You can’t find a pen that’s in your hand, a phone that’s on your desk, or for the sunglasses sitting in your car console. That’s what it feels like when you’re on a web page or reading an email and can’t see where to take action – like your eyes are failing you. Read on to learn how to make sure you’re using clear calls to action (CTAs) to engage wealth advisors and investors.

#1 – Include Multiple CTA Buttons

This is a point of debate among marketers, but we’re proponents for including more than one CTA in our marketing. Why? All advisors and investors are not in the same place on their journey to becoming an investor in your funds. Think about where your readers may be in their journey and guide them to the next logical step or information they need. For example on a website, direct them to information about the “why” behind your asset class AND to your property portfolio. We also have found it effective to use the same CTA multiple times. As advisors read through your content, they don’t want to scroll back up to take action. Help them out by repeating the CTA button to register for your webinar, request more information or whatever you want them to do. Be generous with your CTA buttons/links – make them visible.

#2 – Present a Problem and Provide a Solution

When advisors are reading about your firm, and you’ve strategically brought up the problem they are facing, also provide the solution. For example, if you’re addressing the need to offer investors a strategy that is resilient to inflation, add a CTA to “Learn how FUND is resilient to inflation.”

#3 – Offer Value

Advisors love educational information – not just on your offering, but on your asset class, the market and trends. Use accessing value-add and thought leadership content as a CTA. Make sure this content is high-quality and timely…and worth an advisor’s attention. Maybe you create a report on market trends, explain the demand drivers of your asset class or explain something unique about your investment structure. You could offer this content in a webinar as well, with your CTA as registering for the event. Make it a lead generator by requiring a form to access written content.

#4 – Personalize the CTA

Isn’t it great to see your name in emails? It not only makes the email more personal, it also garners attention as we see our name in writing. When using email automation systems, it’s easy to add a line in like this: “NAME, click here to register now,” or “Learn more here, NAME.” People are going to click.

#5 – Make The CTA Interactive

The last tip on improving your CTA is to make them interactive. You can ask questions or have people take a quiz. Make it fun and engaging. And collect data on the engagements and how your CTAs are performing so you continually improve them. With today’s technology, you can often grab an advisor’s information from their interaction – an automatic lead that you can follow up with.

There are so many options out there to improve your CTAs, and to design them in a way that’s eye grabbing and brings you to the forefront in engaging advisors over your competitors. If you would like to discuss how we can help improve your CTAs, reach out to us.

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