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Why “Done” Often Outweighs “Perfect” 

In marketing, a common struggle often arises: How do we strike a balance between perfection and getting something done? If you’ve ever found yourself agonizing over every detail of a marketing piece, only to see deadlines whiz past, you’re not alone. Read on for insights from almost three decades in the marketing trenches. Sometimes, done really is better than perfect. 

The Perils of Perfectionism 

It’s natural to aim for excellence. We all want our work to shine, especially in a sector as competitive as alternative investments. But therein lies a trap. The pursuit of perfection can sometimes be paralyzing. Endless tweaks to copy or graphics might give us the illusion of progress when, in fact, we’re delaying the launch of an already effective piece or campaign. 

98% is OK 

The alternative investments world operates at a lightning pace. Delaying a campaign by seeking absolute perfection can mean missing out on key opportunities. It’s about understanding when your material is impactful and ready to resonate with its audience. The essence here is not to compromise on quality but to recognize that sometimes, the final 2% of adjustments might not significantly alter the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Embrace Iteration 

Marketing, by nature, is evolutionary. Every campaign, every piece of material you produce, offers a learning curve. Feedback is inevitable. Be it from sales teams, advisors, or even market response – there’s always room to adapt and improve. The goal should be to launch effectively, gather insights, and then refine. By adopting this iterative approach, you ensure that your marketing gets done on time and remains agile, relevant and continually optimized. 

ROI: More Than Just Numbers 

We often measure return on investment quantitatively, but what about the time spent over minor tweaks? Could that time have been better spent strategizing the next campaign, researching new market trends, or forging fresh relationships? When a piece or campaign gets to “good” criteria and you feel it will effectively do its job, it’s time to wrap it up and move on to the next project to help your sales team raise capital.  

Let’s Partner 

If the weight of crafting the ‘perfect’ marketing campaign feels overwhelming, or if you’re second-guessing that brochure draft for the umpteenth time, we’re here to help. Reach out to us, and let’s get some marketing done for your firm. 


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