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Use Visual-First Marketing to Stay Top of Mind 

Out of sight, out of mind. We hear that all the time and we know what it means. So let’s talk about how asset managers can stay top of mind with financial advisors by using visual-first marketing. 

What Is Visual-First Marketing 

Before we get started, what exactly is visual-first marketing? Hint: It’s not a fact sheet filled with words, or a word wall in a PowerPoint presentation. It can be just about any marketing piece, but you’re leading with visual content to stay in front of your target audience. And you’re showing up to provide visual reminders about your firm, your events and why advisors should consider your products. 

Visuals are Triggers 

Consider visuals as powerful reminders or, as we like to call them, triggers. One of our personal favorites is the Post-It note. These colorful squares are a constant nudge, reminding us of tasks and serving as a visual reinforcement of our to-do list. We often jot things down precisely because seeing them helps cement them in our minds for later. 

This is where visual-first marketing plays its part – particularly email marketing. Sending reminder emails for upcoming events acts like those sticky notes, keeping your brand and its activities in the forefront of financial advisor’s minds. 

There’s hardly such a thing as being too present in front of your audience – unless, of course, you’re bombarding them with five emails a day (don’t do this). The goal is to show up visually with nudges: “Join us for this conference”, “Don’t miss our webinar”, or “Meet our management team.” 

These reminders serve three main purposes. First, they keep your brand consistently visible, enhancing recall. Second, they leverage loss aversion – nobody likes missing out, and reminders of upcoming events tap into this sentiment. Lastly, they maintain a sense of urgency in your messaging. 

Create a Visual (and Humanized) Brand 

We often discuss strategies to boost visibility and to closely link personal identity with the brand. We practice what we preach. We’re ardent believers in stepping out from behind the company logo and into the spotlight, aligning our faces with the Marketing Intent brand. 

You’ve seen us championing our brand on LinkedIn, you’ve received our emails, and we make it a point to stay connected. By presenting ourselves this way, we create a more personal and relatable brand identity, turning the abstract concept of “Marketing Intent” into a team of real, passionate individuals you know and interact with. Asset managers can do the same with their firms to stand out in the sea of alternative investment offerings.  

Imprint Your Firm 

Visual marketing is an effective strategy to imprint your firm in a financial advisor’s memory. In a world teeming with competitors, it’s the vibrant, consistent imagery that sticks. When the time comes for an advisor to invest, your product will come to mind, not because it was the only option, but because your visual marketing created memorable impressions. 

Financial advisors naturally gravitate towards brands that resonate with them, that engage with them consistently. If you maintain a strong presence across platforms, be it through regular updates on your website, engaging posts on LinkedIn, or compelling visuals, you will be remembered. In contrast, the firms that fade into the background, that fail to maintain contact or provide visually engaging content, are soon forgotten. 

Don’t fall victim to “out of sight, out of mind.” Contact us to discuss how we can help get your visual marketing up to speed. 


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