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Three Reasons Why a Low Quality Website Hurts Your Business

Have you ever come across a company and visited their website only to be shocked by what you found?  Maybe you came across jargon, outdated information, or even typos. This is why it’s so important to make sure your website is of high quality.

In this article, we’ll cover three reasons a low-quality website hurts your business: credibility and trust, your innovation impression, and the customer experience.

Credibility and Trust

Let’s dig into credibility and trust. When someone visits your website and they find typos or outdated information or they don’t understand what you’re presenting, they get a negative impression. They may be thinking – is that how this person/company operates? Do they not tie up loose ends? Do they not pay attention to details? Are they a poor communicator?

That isn’t the impression you want to leave with prospective or current clients. Think about what you’re communicating when your website isn’t current, clear and accurate.


The second reason to have a high-quality website is your innovation impression. A high-quality website design immediately communicates innovation and creativity – whereas a poorly designed site communicates a lack thereof.

The “canned” websites that have become commonplace in the financial services industry also fall into the low innovation camp, using the same basic design as other firms and sometimes even the same or similar content.

You may be thinking – “Yeah, yeah, I know I’m not creative.” And a lot of people in the financial services industry do lean toward the analytical side, but we can still communicate and market in creative and innovative ways. This is particularly important for financial advisors who want to attract younger clients. They will be looking for the latest in website, technology and communication trends and how you’re appealing to them digitally.

The Customer Experience

Now let’s talk about the customer experience and what you’re actually asking someone to do when they come to your site. If they are visiting your site to find a particular piece of information about you or answer a question- and they have to dig around your site without success – you’ve created a negative impression and caused frustration.

If that visitor is a prospect, they are probably not going to pursue contacting you or working with you. You made it too hard for them and they will feel like you don’t have their interests/needs top of mind. It sounds basic, but people’s attention spans are limited when it comes to vetting a company or a person they are considering working with. They will move on very quickly if they don’t have a positive experience.

To recap, we’ve discussed:

  • The importance of a high-quality website
  • The damage a low-quality site can do to your credibility and trust
  • Your innovation impression
  • The customer experience for prospects and clients

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