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Strengthening Your Marketing Foundation:  A Guide for Alternative Investment Firms 

In marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in the allure of the latest trends and innovations. However, amidst all the new strategies and platforms, it’s crucial to remember that the latest isn’t always the greatest. Let’s delve into what this means for alternative investment firms navigating the marketing landscape. 

Foundational Strategies Matter 

Before diving headfirst into the latest marketing tactics, it’s essential to ensure that your foundational strategies are solid. This means keeping your marketing basics intact and focusing on strategies that have stood the test of time. Webinars and emails remain invaluable tools for maintaining a human connection with your audience and showcasing your expertise. Additionally, sponsorships, newsletters, ads, and strong financial advisor relationships offer additional avenues for engagement and visibility. 

The Power of Tangible Assets 

While digital marketing continues to dominate, don’t underestimate the value of tangible assets. Producing informative flyers, whether in print or PDF format, provides clients with tangible resources they can reference and share. Furthermore, direct mail is experiencing a resurgence, offering a personal touch that resonates with recipients. Leveraging QR codes in direct mail campaigns can drive traffic to your website and enhance lead capture. 

Social Media Savvy 

Social media remains a cornerstone of modern marketing, but success requires more than just maintaining a presence. Stay updated on platform trends and innovations, adapting your strategy to leverage new features effectively. Don’t rely on outdated approaches; instead, evolve alongside the ever-changing social media landscape to maximize engagement and reach. 

Partnering with Marketing Intent 

At Marketing Intent, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong marketing foundation while embracing innovation. As a sales-focused marketing group specializing in alternative investments, we excel at driving sales through strategic marketing initiatives. Our tailored approach ensures that your marketing efforts align with your business objectives, helping you captivate financial advisors and raise capital effectively. 

Ready to Strengthen Your Marketing Foundation? 

If you’re unsure whether your marketing foundation is solid or if you’re fully utilizing available resources, contact Marketing Intent today. Let’s schedule a meeting to assess your current strategies and explore opportunities for growth and optimization. Together, we can ensure that your marketing efforts lay the groundwork for success in the ever-evolving landscape of alternative investments. 


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