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Is a Video Follow-Up Email Right For You?

The other day I received an email, but it wasn’t just a written email, it was a video follow-up email. It was super cool and it immediately grabbed my attention.

In this article, let’s discuss how wholesalers can employ video in email in their day-to-day to captivate their audience.

Grab Attention with Video Emails

We all get a ton of email. We love email and from our experience, it’s still a key way to communicate with advisors in our industry. But we need to find ways for emails to stand out. And that’s just what this video email did. It grabbed my attention. I read it, I listened to it, and I watched it. I was interested to see what was coming next, and it kept me engaged and wanting to listen to the sender – and respond to her.

Going Beyond the Canned

Another great thing about the video email is that it wasn’t canned. It was specific to me. Too often, wholesalers resort to a canned email, like: “Thanks for meeting with me,” “Here’s the fact sheet we discussed,” or “I hope you have a great week.” The email I received went beyond this. It was personable. The sender mentioned things we talked about, she was upbeat, it was fun, and it added some joy to my day. It fostered a connection…and we all know that sales start with relationships.

How to Do Video Emails

There are so many platforms available that wholesalers can use to create video emails for their follow ups: Loom, BombBomb, Sendspark, CloudApp- these are just a few of them.

Up your connection game with advisors by using video email. Do you need help getting started?

Contact us to help you decide on a platform and get your sales team out of the canned email business. Grab the attention of advisors and keep that conversation going.


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