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We are a sales-focused marketing group specializing in alternative investments.

Generate Sales Activity Through Marketing

We have a track record in marketing that helps drive sales.

Nothing happens until something is sold. Our marketing serves as the backbone of sales. Our work makes your prospects and clients take notice, ask questions and listen to your story.

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Grow Your Business with Intent

Focus on Marketing that Matters

Digital marketing. Social media. Web design. Content creation. Email marketing. Video. Direct mail. Infographics. Collateral. Webinars. Events.

The proliferation of marketing tactics can be overwhelming. And not all marketing is for every firm. We help you focus on the marketing that will grow your business. With intent. Marketing to create sales activity – not marketing because you should.

“The Marketing Intent team was responsive, accountable, and always there when and how we needed them.”

Keri Pugh


Our Story

Understanding the Industry

Alise and I worked together for almost a decade in marketing at a commercial real estate asset management firm in Denver. We were two “figure it out” kinds of people who helped define the marketing approach for our firm to raise more than $8B of capital for its investment products.

Our marketing team was small, forcing us to become master project managers and the keepers of an extensive processes library! From time to time, we could have used some marketing support among the sea of regular offering materials updates and developing content to advance our firm as a thought leader.

But we never found a solid resource. No one understood our market or our products, how to speak to our target audiences or why a marketing piece would require a foot of disclosures.

After leaving the corporate world, I decided to create a solution for this. Marketing Intent was born in early 2020 to provide the financial services industry with the marketing resource we never had in our corporate lives. A firm that understands the industry, the lingo, the requirements. A firm that can balance the analytical with the creative. A firm that helps its clients produce and distribute marketing that generates sales activity.

As Marketing Intent grew, I knew exactly who to contact to build the team. Alise joined in October 2021 as VP, Client Success just in time to bring on significant new clients and develop and manage their marketing programs. Let our marketing adventure together continue!

Cherie Fournier, CEO & Founder
Alise Lucero, VP of Client Success

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