From Visibility to Trust: Elevating Your Firm in the Eyes of Advisors 

In the alternative investments industry, being visible is merely the first step in positioning your firm to effectively raise capital. Cultivating trust is where the real challenge lies. For asset managers and firms within this space, trust is not just a nice-to-have. It’s a fundamental necessity that paves the way for meaningful engagement and investment decisions. As you navigate conferences, email campaigns, and direct engagements, the pivotal question remains: Are you merely being noticed, or are you genuinely being trusted? 

The Distinction Between Visibility and Trust 

Visibility ensures that advisors are aware of your firm and its offerings. However, trust is what convinces them to take the next step towards investment. This distinction is crucial. Trust is built on a foundation of reliability, transparency, and expertise. It’s about demonstrating not just that you exist, but that you are a credible and valuable partner in the investment journey. 

Showcasing Your Track Record and Expertise 

One way to establish trust is by highlighting your firm’s track record and areas of expertise. Advisors seek confidence in your ability to deliver value and manage investments proficiently. Showcasing your successes, the philosophies that guide your investment decisions, and how you add value can differentiate your firm. It’s about proving your worth through past performance and strategic insight, not just promising potential returns for the future. 

The Power of Transparency 

Transparency is a critical trust-building tool, especially in the realm of alternative investments where regulatory filing requirements vary and information can be obscured. By openly sharing information about your offerings, how they operate, and their performance (good and bad), you provide advisors with a clearer understanding of what they’re investing in. This openness is a significant step towards building trust, going beyond the basic requirements to ensure advisors and their investors feel informed and secure. 

Consistent Communication: The Heartbeat of Trust 

Trust is not established overnight; it requires consistent effort and communication. Some firms launch marketing campaigns but fail to maintain a steady presence, leading to missed opportunities to build lasting trust. It’s essential to communicate regularly, not just during prosperous market conditions but also through the ebbs and flows of economic cycles. By sharing your insights and maintaining visibility, you reinforce your commitment and reliability, and demonstrate your firm’s understanding and strategic acumen. 

Marketing Intent: Your Partner in Trust-Building 

So how do you effectively communicate your firm’s value, transparency, and expertise in a way that resonates with advisors? This is where Marketing Intent comes in. We specialize in crafting and executing marketing strategies for alternative investment firms that not only raise your firm’s profile but also build and nurture trust with advisors. 

Our team understands the nuances of the alternative investment space and the importance of trust in advisor and investor relationships. We can help evaluate your current marketing materials and strategies, identifying opportunities to enhance transparency, showcase your expertise, and ensure your communication is consistent and impactful. 

If you’re ready to enhance your trust-building efforts and forge stronger relationships with advisors, reach out to Marketing Intent. Together, we can develop a marketing strategy that elevates your firm from being merely visible to being genuinely trusted. 

Sales Support Trust

Humanizing Your Sales Team 

Is your sales team merely a faceless entity behind emails and phone calls? In the world of alternative investments, establishing personal connections with advisors is paramount to raising capital for your products. Let’s explore some innovative strategies for showcasing your wholesalers and humanizing your sales efforts. 

Your Sales Team Serves as Frontline Ambassadors 

While access to the management team is crucial, it’s equally important to shine a spotlight on your sales team. They are the frontline ambassadors who build meaningful relationships with advisors on a daily basis. From remembering details about advisors’ personal lives to offering tailored solutions, your sales team plays a pivotal role in nurturing the relationships that are critical to your capital-raising efforts. 

Use Photos and Videos of Your Sales Team 

Does your wholesale team have a presence beyond simple email signatures? Consider incorporating visuals such as photos or videos of sales team members in your communication efforts to foster a personal connection. Personalized videos from your sales team can help further bridge the gap and provide a memorable touchpoint with advisors. Gone are the days of faceless interactions; embrace multimedia elements to showcase the personalities that make up your sales team. 

Leverage LinkedIn for Personal Branding 

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for sharing company updates; it’s an opportunity for your sales team to cultivate their personal brand. Encourage your wholesalers to add personal touches to their profiles, such as introductions, commentary, and even fun anecdotes. Humanizing their online presence not only enhances their credibility but also fosters genuine connections with advisors. 

Showcase the Depth of Your Team 

Don’t underestimate the power of including sales team pictures on your website or wholesaler map. Not only does it add a personal touch, but it also highlights the breadth and depth of your firm’s sales resources. By showcasing the individuals behind your capital-raising efforts, you demonstrate transparency and build trust with advisors. 

Partner with Marketing Intent: Elevating Your Sales Efforts 

If you’re seeking innovative ways to showcase your wholesale team and humanize your sales approach, Marketing Intent is here to help. Our expertise in personalized marketing strategies can enhance your firm’s visibility and foster deeper connections with advisors. From creating engaging multimedia content to refining your LinkedIn presence, we’ll work with you to elevate your sales efforts and drive results. 

Ready to Humanize Your Sales Approach? 

Don’t let your sales team remain faceless entities in the digital realm. Reach out to Marketing Intent today for personalized strategies on showcasing your wholesalers and humanizing your sales efforts. Let’s transform your sales team into a dynamic force that resonates with advisors and drives capital raising success. 

Marketing Basics Trust

Staying Ahead of the Marketing Curve 

In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying at the forefront of innovation is key to success. At Marketing Intent, we’re often asked if we’re aware of the latest and greatest marketing products and tools. The answer? A resounding YES. Today, we’re excited to share how we leverage our network and expertise to stay ahead of the curve and help our clients thrive in the alternative investment industry. 

Expanding Marketing Horizons 

Constantly seeking new ideas and tools, we explore diverse industries to uncover innovative approaches. Recognizing that the alternative investment sector can sometimes lag in technology adoption, we draw inspiration from software and other cutting-edge sectors. Whether it’s harnessing the power of video, social media, or advertising, we’re committed to helping our clients expand their marketing suite and reach new heights. 

Testing and Iterating 

As we discover new strategies, we practice what we preach by implementing them within Marketing Intent. Acting as our own guinea pigs, we test and refine these techniques to ensure they deliver results. By working through the kinks internally, we equip ourselves with firsthand experience to offer our clients tried-and-tested solutions with confidence. 

Cultivating Trusted Partnerships 

Our network is our greatest asset. Through ongoing communication with past colleagues and industry contacts, we cultivate strong relationships built on trust and reliability. These connections enable us to collaborate with experts across various areas of marketing, ensuring that we can tackle any project with expertise and precision. 

Commitment to Excellence 

At Marketing Intent, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and customer service. Before any deliverable goes to our clients, we meticulously review and refine it to meet our exacting standards. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our work, from project management and team expansion to an offering brochure or social media post. 

Empowering Client Success 

Whether you’re exploring new projects or seeking innovative solutions, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on fostering strong long-term partnerships with our clients and delivering exceptional results that support capital-raising efforts. 

Get in Touch 

If you’re ready to explore new possibilities and elevate your marketing efforts, we invite you to reach out to us today


Legitimizing Your Firm 

Remember the Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley and “the van down by the river?” Well, recently, we had a client come to us that made us think of that, because they wanted us to help legitimize their firm so they didn’t look like they worked out of a van down by the river. Read on to learn where we focused that effort.  

Show Your Team 

One of the first things we did to help our client combat the appearance that their corporate office was a “van down by the river” was to show their team. They had hired the best of the best in their asset class, but no one could tell that from their website. Not only do people want to do business with people, when you’re talking about high-dollar investment minimums, advisors and investors want to see and read about the people behind the company. Include photos and brief bios on key members of the management team. 

Highlight Growth 

We also highlighted our client’s growth in email campaigns. They had added 20 employees in the last year, which was really big for them, so we highlighted that growth as another way to substantiate the firm and paint a visual of it for advisors and investors. 

Bring Execs Front & Center 

Another strategy we used was to feature execs on the client’s webinars. Advisors LOVE access to a firm’s management team – partly to legitimize the firm, and partly to get their questions answered directly by high-level employees. Get creative on the structure of your webinar to feature execs. Hold a Q&A or fireside chat or include a panel of execs to discuss various aspects of your firm. Whichever format you choose, you get exec “airtime” and further demonstrate your firm is substantial, experienced and employs talented and smart people.  

Create a Quality Brand 

We often say, “is your brand more like a Kmart or a Nordstrom?” In a world where we’re asking investors to commit large sums of money to asset managers – many of them new to the alts space – you must be a Nordstrom. It’s important for them – and advisors – to experience a solid high-end brand – and to become loyal to it. That’s critically important as well. One thing we think everybody should know about Nordstrom, people who are loyal to Nordstrom always go to Nordstrom first. It’s far easier to get repeat investments from an advisor you’ve developed a relationship and trust with than with an advisor who has never heard of your firm. 

Contact us to make sure you’re a Nordstrom – and not Chris Farley in a van down by the river. 

Content Trust

Third-Party Information is Invaluable  

Financial advisors love getting third-party information from asset managers. This is what we’ve been hearing in the field. Why? Read on for the many reasons third-party information can be a powerful tool for asset managers and how it helps financial advisors. 

Building Trust 

We all love telling our own story…and when we do, we highlight the positives. Providing third-party information to advisors about your offering or your asset class helps build trust because you’re not shying away from sharing someone else’s perspective – which can be perceived as a more balanced perspective with pros and cons. Financial advisors need the whole picture on what you’re offering and the asset class you’re working within to feel comfortable presenting your investment opportunities to clients.  

Sharing third-party information with financial advisors also demonstrates that you’re willing to share perspectives on your firm, offerings and asset classes that go beyond tapping into your sales team and senior management team. Financial advisors appreciate these varied perspectives and transparency. 

Where to Find Third-Party Resources 

There are many credible and reputable sources for market outlooks on alternative investments, various types of offerings and asset classes. Find the 3-4 sources your firm is comfortable with and continuously monitor them for articles and insights relevant to you. For deeper dive third-party information on your firm and offering, you can also use your due diligence report (e.g., Fact Right) as a third-party resource.  

Third-Party Content as a Value-Add 

Creating original content can be time consuming. Use value-add content to supplement your original content…and think beyond just your offering. Maybe you see an article that can help advisors with practice management…push it out to the sales team as another touchpoint. And the sales team can do this on their own as well based on advisor interests. They can send something to an advisor that may relate to a personal interest in an email saying, “Hey John, I was just thinking about you when I read this. I thought it would be very beneficial, I know we talked about this the other day.” It helps advisors know the sales team is listening and helps to build relationships. 

Where to Use It  

Use third-party information to help fill your content calendar when your own development of content is light. You can send it out in mass emails to advisors, post it on social media (this is especially useful for firms offering 506(b) offerings that are limited on marketing) and the sales team can use it to start or follow-up on conversations with advisors. 

Starting the Conversation Continues It 

When you start building conversations by sending out third-party information, you can become an advisor’s go-to…and the conversation continues. Advisors – producers and prospects –  are going to come to you with, “You’ve always been so helpful with the information you provide. I really appreciate it.” And that appreciation and transparency + trust. 

If you would like to discuss how you can find more third-party information, share it with advisors and help build trust, reach out to us

Brand Trust

What’s Your Story

We tend to think that financial advisors or high net worth individuals have an elevated level of understanding of investment products – and they likely may – but we also know that everyone has a very short attention span which impacts how you should tailor your offering story to your audience.

Let’s discuss ways to boil down the complex investment offering story in a way that’s relatable to advisors.

Boiling Down Your Story

What is the foundation that asset managers should have to help boil their story down? The key is simplicity. We’re proponents of not using jargon, and getting down to the basics.

Don’t Get Lost in the Jargon

It’s important to have the story be clear and concise with not a lot of jargon – focus on the basics.

There are so many great offerings out there, but they get lost in the jargon and the complexity of the language. Making sure you tell your story simply is going to help you gain more traction.

Focus on Supply and Demand

What is the basis of the story that you should be telling? It largely boils down to supply and demand. Think about commercial real estate buildings and different asset types, what is the demand for those? And what’s driving the demand?

Oftentimes, demand is driven by lifestyle. What’s happening in the world today? What is changing? What are people focused on that’s driving demand for your asset class? Boil the demand drivers down to the basics and the relatable so advisors can quickly grasp and remember what your story is and what’s behind it.

Let Graphics Tell Your Story

Graphics are a great way to tell your story quickly, and it’s way better than reading a paragraph. If someone has a graphic and a paragraph in front of them, they are going to be drawn to the graphic every time.

If you would like help telling your story, reach out to us at Marketing Intent. We’d love to set up a meeting and discuss it with you.