Don’t Make Your Sales Team Write These Emails 

We’ve recently received some sales emails with subject lines like, “I know there’s a fine line between being persistent and being a pest,” or “Perhaps the timing is off,” or our personal favorite, “Quick Question.” Emails like this highlight a key fact about the companies sending them – they are letting their salespeople down. As marketers, our toolbox is teeming with resources to ensure our salespeople never have to resort to such tactics. Let’s delve into what you can do as a marketer so your sales team doesn’t have to write emails like the ones we received.  

Redefining Sales Emails with Valuable Content 

We need to acknowledge a simple truth: Salespeople aren’t writers. Their strength lies in fostering relationships and driving conversions, not crafting catchy email content. This is where we, as marketers, play a pivotal role. 

Imagine the difference in impact when an email provides insights, offers education or presents thought leadership materials – with a subject line that results in an open vs. an automatic delete. Why let salespeople stumble – and waste valuable capital raising time – developing their own email communications when marketing can do it for them?  

Supporting Sales: The Collaborative Approach 

The synergy between sales and marketing is essential for success. While marketing can deploy mass emails that resonate with financial advisors, the sales team can piggyback on these emails with a personalized follow-up. This layered approach ensures that every touchpoint adds value, steering clear of generic “I’m just following up” type emails. 

Additionally, marketing’s role is not just limited to crafting the perfect email. We can empower the sales team with an arsenal of targeted email templates, tailor-made for various scenarios and segments of the financial advisor audience. Be it sharing a new piece of thought leadership or pointing to an insightful article – we can equip our sales team with the tools to further engagement with advisors with every send. 

Elevating Beyond Generic Emails 

With a growing number of alternative investment asset managers, the challenge lies in piercing through with a differentiated message. Generic, untargeted emails are the first to be deleted. On the other hand, compelling and targeted messaging piques interest and drives engagement. By ensuring our sales teams don’t become email writers and masters of the copy/paste approach to email marketing, we not only elevate their success rate but also improve your firm’s brand and image. 

Need Assistance? We’ve Got You Covered 

If your sales team has been writing its own emails and feels it’s missing out on impactful content, we’re here to help. As specialists in alternative investment marketing, we understand the intricacies of the industry and can help you craft compelling emails that resonate with advisors to further engagement with your sales team. Contact us to learn more. 


Rethinking Marketing to Advisors: A Tailored Approach 

In the competitive landscape of alternative investments, are you marketing to all advisors with a one-size-fits-all approach? If yes, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Read on to learn how you can better tailor marketing to meet advisors’ needs. 

A surprising number of asset managers take a generic approach to marketing, blasting the same emails to their entire list without paying attention to engagement. It’s like throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping some sticks. But in this age of data analytics, that’s a missed opportunity. Open rates, click-throughs, and engagement metrics? They’re not just numbers. They’re goldmines of insight. 

Enter the Magic of Segmentation 

We’ve talked about CRM systems and the value of data in previous videos (which you can find on our YouTube Channel). The gist? Understanding who’s truly engaging with your content. 

Imagine this: Instead of shouting into a crowded room, you’re now having a focused conversation with someone genuinely interested in what you have to say. That’s the power of segmentation. Advisors who engage with your content are providing a signal that you can increase communication with them. And those who seldom engage may be telling you to ease off the frequency. 

Precision: The Name of the Game 

It’s about being laser-focused. Targeting those genuinely intrigued by your offerings not only boosts your ROI but also increases the chances of them sharing your insights within their networks. Think of it as amplifying your reach, but to the right audience. A well-segmented database is like having a compass to help you navigate. It points you in the direction of genuine prospects. 

Simplicity Over Complexity 

Segmentation doesn’t mean diving into the deep end of data analytics. Forget intricate scoring, grading, and over-analysis for now. Start simple. Identify who’s genuinely interested in your offerings, tailor your messaging and frequency accordingly, and measure engagements. 

Ready for a Deeper Dive? 

If you’re curious about refining your marketing and messaging approach to better reach the advisors that matter, let’s chat. We’re here to help. 

Email Segmentation

One-Hit Wonders

What does this list have in common: Carl Douglas, Los del Rio, Soft Cell, Vanilla Ice and Wild Cherry?

They’re all “one-hit wonders”. They all have a song that we know, like Kung Fu Fighting, The Macarena, Tainted Love, Ice Ice Baby and Play That Funky Music. Those were their big hits – and they never had another one.

So what’s that have to do with alternative investments and asset managers?

One-hit wonders are advisors who do one trade with your product, and they never do another one. We know they have done a lot of research on your company and your product, they’ve completed the paperwork, and they found enough value to invest a client’s assets. So, why would they go through that entire process and do one trade and not another? The reason isn’t always clear, but the good news is we can do something about it.

Let’s talk about ways we can turn a one-hit wonder into a loyal producer for your firm.

Have a System in Place

When an advisor makes a trade, make sure you have a system set up where you thank them. Send them an email, thank them for their trade, and also highlight why they invested in your product. Give them your value add and what you plan to deliver to investors.

You also need to regularly check in with advisors. Set up a schedule after the first sale to check in with advisors at 30, 60 and 90 days or every quarter. A streamlined way to manage this is through marketing automation.

Have a Conversation

Even after – or especially after – an advisor has allocated a portion of a client’s assets with your firm, your sales team should continue to have conversations with them to understand their latest thinking about your company and product. And make sure you arm your sales team with a list of who is a one-hit wonder, so they understand where an advisor stands and that they may need additional support telling your investment story.

Always keep that dialogue open, that’s where you’ll learn why a second trade hasn’t been made. If your sales team is having that conversation, they will be able to better understand why an advisor only did that one trade and it will help you fill in the gaps.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you convert one-hit wonders into loyal producers, contact us at