Copywriting Offering Materials

Why Custom Marketing Matters: Beyond the Template 

When marketing alternative investments, standing out from the crowd is not just about having good marketing materials. It’s about having marketing materials that tell your unique story in a compelling way. At Marketing Intent, we often encounter clients who wonder if quick, template-based solutions can suffice for their marketing needs. Our answer? No. Here’s why customized marketing materials are crucial and how we approach the creation of bespoke content that truly reflects the uniqueness of each client. 

The Limitations of Template-Based Marketing 

Templates can offer a starting point for many marketing endeavors, providing a basic structure and design. However, when it comes to effectively communicating the distinctiveness of an investment firm or a financial product, templates fall short. They are inherently designed to be generic, which means they lack the flexibility to highlight what makes your firm different and better than the competition. 

Understanding Each Client’s Unique Story 

At Marketing Intent, our process begins with a deep dive into understanding who our clients are. This includes exploring the history of the firm, its track record, the experience of its team, and how it stands out in the marketplace. These elements are vital as they form the backbone of a narrative that resonates with potential investors and clients. 

Bringing Stories to Life 

Once we have a thorough understanding of our client’s story, we bring this narrative into every piece of marketing material we create, whether it’s a fact sheet, an offering brochure, or a presentation. While fact sheets are typically concise, we ensure there is ample space to not only present essential data but also to weave in the firm’s narrative. This might include: 

  • Unique Imagery and Graphics: Custom visuals that explain how an offering works and what makes it unique. 
  • Clear Differentiators: Highlighting what sets the firm apart in the marketplace, such as a unique investment strategy or a notable track record. 

Customization Across All Platforms 

Our commitment to customization extends across all formats and platforms. Whether we’re designing a website, crafting the copy for a brochure, or structuring a PowerPoint presentation, our approach is tailored to reflect the unique attributes and strengths of each client. Here’s how we ensure every project is as individual as our clients: 

  • Personalized Design: From the layout to the choice of colors and fonts, every design element is chosen to reflect the client’s brand and message. 
  • Tailored Content: Every word written is aimed at conveying the client’s story, expertise, and market position. 
  • Strategic Structure: We structure materials not only to inform but also to engage advisors and investors. 

In a market flooded with alts firms vying for attention, using standardized templates can make your firm seem just like any other. At Marketing Intent, we believe that every client deserves marketing materials that are as unique as they are. Our process ensures that your firm’s strengths and differentiators are front and center, helping you capture the interest of advisors and investors effectively. 

If you’re looking to move beyond the ordinary and embrace marketing materials that truly represent your firm’s unique story and capabilities, reach out to us. We’re not just creating marketing materials. We’re crafting your firm’s narrative, designed to make a lasting impression on your audience — and support your capital-raising efforts. 


Why Writing Matters in Alternative Investments 

We often get the question from potential clients – do you write? The answer is yes, and not only do we write, we see writing and messaging serving as the basis of our marketing strategies and campaigns. Read on to learn how we support alternative investment capital raising efforts with solid writing work.  

The Depth and Breadth of Our Writing Services 

At Marketing Intent, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of writing services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. From researching and writing insightful white papers to developing ongoing email campaigns and creating messaging for conference booth banners, our writing spectrum is broad and versatile. 

Writing: The Key to Financial Advisor Engagement 

For us, writing isn’t just a service. It’s the bedrock of engaging financial advisors in sales conversations. With an experienced team skilled in copywriting for the complex financial services and alternative investments industries, we are uniquely positioned to write your message right, ensuring your firm’s differentiators shine through, and financial advisors grasp your investment approach.  

Translating Complexity into Clarity 

The world of alternative investments is rapidly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and intricate. The challenge? Making it accessible and digestible for financial advisors and investors. Good copywriting helps achieve this. Our writing focus is to simplify the subject matter for ease in reading and understanding. Whether we’re providing an analysis of an investment philosophy or offering a breakdown of the latest trends in commercial real estate, our focus is on clarity, telling the story, and helping financial advisors learn. Our writing aims to tell our clients’ stories in a way that resonates with financial advisors so they engage in a sales conversation. 

Let’s Collaborate for Clearer Communication 

The landscape of alternative investments is vast and varied, and conveying your unique position in it can be a daunting task. If you’re wrestling with the challenge of articulating your offerings or if the idea of translating complex strategies into simple copy that engages financial advisors feels overwhelming, Marketing Intent can help. We can help you create a messaging foundation for your firm that will help improve financial advisor engagement. 


One Email, One Story, One Topic 

One email, one story, one topic. Let me break this down for you. Most asset managers use email quite a bit and we’re proponents for it, because we see it working effectively. But there are some keys to it that are very important to hone. Attention spans are limited. So make sure your emails focus on one story and one topic. 

What’s Your Story?

Every asset class has a story behind it – self-storage, industrial, multi-family, etc. And oftentimes, it’s based on the demand drivers behind an asset class. Or an asset manager’s investment approach. Which demand/supply dynamics or a unique take on an asset class could you educate advisors on? That is your story.  

Focus on One Topic

Now, boil your story down even further to one topic to help educate advisors. For example, choose one factor that drives demand or one unique aspect of your investment philosophy and focus on that.  

Avoid Jargon

As you write the copy for your one story/one topic email, keep it simple and easily digestible. Keep the jargon out of it. Avoid complex terms and superficial language (aka fluff) that doesn’t say anything. People have a very short attention span…don’t waste any attention your email may have garnered on an advisor deciphering what the text means. Keep language simple, and get right to the point.  

Keep It Short

Most emails should be able to be seen in their entirety on your computer screen. Don’t make advisors scroll…and scroll…and scroll to read the email. Engage advisors immediately with short, compelling content – strong copywriting and headlines – and high-quality visuals and you’re more likely to get them to commit to reading your email in full.  

If you need help making your emails more impactful, we’d be happy to help.