AI is Only as Good as the Humans Behind It 

With the rise of AI, people think it can do everything. But it’s important to understand AI not as all-powerful, but rather as an effective tool influenced by its human operator. In this article, we’ll discuss how we pair AI with our expertise to further our clients’ marketing. 

Shortening the Learning Curve 

One way we use AI is to shorten our learning curve. Consider a situation where we need to prepare an extensive report or a white paper for a client regarding an unfamiliar asset class. AI is a great tool to quickly increase our knowledge about the asset class, allowing us to approach the assignment more efficiently. Once equipped with a basic understanding, we can delve into detailed research, craft insightful arguments, and provide valuable educational content to inform financial advisors. 

Identifying Trends 

AI also serves as an efficient trendspotter. While the alternative investments industry has been slow to adapt new marketing strategies and tactics, other industries, like technology, have not. As marketers in the financial services/alternative investments space, we can learn something from other sectors. Marketing-specific AI tools help us understand the broad marketing spectrum across industries to identify trends we should consider for our clients to help their firm and offerings stand out with financial advisors.  

Understanding Market Sentiment 

AI also serves as a powerful tool for understanding the sentiment behind various economic or market issues. For example, by analyzing the reasons for lending restrictions imposed on commercial real estate borrowers, we gain an understanding of existing thought patterns. We can then dissect this information and translate it into a language that resonates with financial advisors to help educate them and better understand the philosophy behind our clients’ investment offerings.  

Humans Required 

When writing a piece for our clients, it’s never the case that an entire piece would be written through chatGPT or a similar tool. A human is required to get to the crux of the information we need to effectively communicate for our clients, and to humanize the content so that it will resonate with financial advisors. While AI can help us write more efficiently, our writing is by people for people.  

If you need help with content writing, which is one of our specialties at Marketing Intent, please reach out to us. We’ll make sure we maximize our time using AI as appropriate, and apply our experience and talent to deliver materials that help you engage financial advisors in sales conversations.