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Nurturing a Prospect into a Client

Wouldn’t it be great if the prospecting process was a one and done deal? You talked to one person and got one sale? And you didn’t need to do anything beyond that first conversation? We all know in the sales and marketing world, that’s just not the case.

In this article, we’re going to cover three ways you can nurture a prospect into a client by humanizing yourself, sharing your perspective and offering a free resource.

Humanizing Yourself

Let’s start with humanizing yourself. We all want to work with people – not firms.

Whether a prospect comes to you in person or on your website, make sure they know who you are as a person. How do you do this? Through video. Video is critical to your marketing strategy. And we aren’t talking about high-production value videos. You can record yourself on your computer or have someone assist you at a reasonable cost.

Once you produce your videos, where do you use them? Your website is a great place to use video to showcase who you are. Share your videos on social media so people get a quick sense for who you are. You can even use video in email to reinforce what you’ve talked about with a prospect or thank them for meeting with you.

Share Your Perspective

When a prospect isn’t quite ready to make a decision, a key way to tip them over the edge to becoming a client is to share your perspective. While this also falls into the humanize yourself category, it gives prospects insights into how you think and allows them to understand if your thoughts and beliefs align with theirs.

A blog on your website is a great way to do this. And don’t forget to invite prospects to subscribe to your blog so your thoughts on various financial planning topics automatically pop into their email inbox.

Offer a Free Resource

Another value add you can give to prospects to help them become clients is a tool on your website. This can either be a questionnaire to help them understand something like their risk tolerance, or it can be a checklist that helps them through the considerations behind a major financial decision.

We’ve covered ways to shift a prospect into client status. The ways to do this are by humanizing yourself, sharing your perspective and providing a value-add tool.

Need Help Moving Prospects to Clients?

If you need help taking your prospects to clients, contact Marketing Intent. We’d be happy to help.


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